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Extrusion Profiles

Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

Guangxi Province was established in July 1997; we are famous in manufacturing aluminum frameworks. We have a vast range of aluminum extrusion profiles that we deliver globally. Majority of our products are renowned and recognized for their resistance, reliability, hardness of the surface, and damage resistance.

Our industry has high feature aluminum extrusion press technology to obtain high-quality profiles. The adoption of such modern technology produces highly refined close-grained and oxide free logs which provide a superior finish on the extruded sections.

We use the hydraulic press for producing an incredible variety of useful products in any shape with the help of the aluminum extrusion process.

For making our aluminum extrusion profiles, the billet is the first step for extrusion operation. Extrusion billet is solid cylindrical and is the length charged into the extrusion press container.

Best Leading Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

We applied pressure to crush the billet against the die; it then becomes shorter and wider until the container walls restrict its expansion. Then, the aluminum squeeze out through the shape and as a result fully formed profile appears. When the formed profile reaches the required shape and length, it is then transferred to a cooling table, where it is quickly cooled with air, and water sprays.

We produce quality aluminum extrusion profiles that are leading internationally due to its high quality. We satisfy the most challenging requirements from standard profiles to complex multi-part aluminum extrusions. Our nationwide network of production and supply facilities enable us to produce all shapes, sizes, and alloys.

Our organization offers complete solutions to make best aluminum extrusion products required by the automotive, mass transit, bridge decking, and solar/renewable energy industries, as well as green applications for the building and construction market.

We deeply understand three important consideration of clients:

Quality: quality is always the primary goal of an entity. We ensure the best quality of aluminum extrusion because of the satisfaction of customers for us is also the most significant recognition and motivation.

Time: we have professionals who follow up the production status every time and complete the delivery of the goods at the fastest speed.

Price: Our organization has been operating for decades. We ensure that all our products must satisfy our customers.

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