All you need to know about Aluminum Formwork Technology

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July 18, 2019
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All you need to know about Aluminum Formwork Technology

Aluminum formwork is comparatively a new technology, especially in developing countries. The system does save not only time but also improves the construction quality. Aluminum formwork manufacturers are quite successful in the Middle East, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore for the construction of apartments and buildings. The technology is handy for both high and low rises. For repetition of building layouts, aluminum formwork system is exceedingly cost-effective.

Panels of Aluminum formwork can be designed for component or condition any building like balconies, stairs, windows, and other architectural details. The formwork system is unique since the entire building parts floors, slabs, staircases, window hood, are concrete, and there is an absence of brick and block works.

Aluminum formwork method is highly suitable for load-bearing construction of walls. However, conventional formwork comprises of timber and plywood which are not ideal for fresh concrete’s high pressure on the wall. Use of the formwork in load-bearing design provides an average of cost-cutting in building the structure as well as the enhanced usable floor area of 8% over RCC design.

The aluminum formwork is reusable and removable. It can be used for dozen times with minimal maintenance. Furthermore, the steel requirement is also minimized in formwork technology as aluminum contains high scrap value.

Development in Aluminum Formwork System

A few aluminum alloys that are resistant towards wet concrete and atmospheric corrosion, are utilized for making aluminum forms. The forms are quite similar to types of steel. Aluminum formwork manufacturers have increased because of aluminum’s quality of corrosion resistance and lightweight. The rapid pace in concrete construction forced to use assemblies with large form. The assemblies are to be handled by mechanical sources. The mechanical handling has saved companies handling the cost.

Aluminum Formwork System

This formwork system is comprised of handled light aluminum. This system can form the concrete for column beam design and load-bearing wall design. Unlike other systems, it is suited equally to both low rise and high rise buildings. For load-bearing wall design, the system forms the entire building’s concrete, including floor slabs, balconies, stairs, beams, and columns. The load-bearing models are specifically designed to permit the fast-paced construction of multiple-unit projects at maximum productivity.

Last Word

The aluminum formwork is helpful for a wide range of applications, from simple panels to more complex structures including A/C hoods, stairs, and bay windows. However, there is one disadvantage to the formwork system. The technology is unable for you to change architectural changes.

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